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 Academic Awards

Merit Scholarships
Are eligible for the merit scholarship students who, in the academic year to which the scholarship award refers, have obtained approval in all curricular units that are part of the study plan of the curricular year in which they were enrolled and who present a weighted average grade equal to or higher than 16 values in the set of the curricular units that constitute the course year in question. Merit scholarships are awarded by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education to students from different Higher Education institutions and have an annual value equal to five times the amount of the minimum monthly wage in force at the beginning of the academic year in which it is granted.

For more information see the Regulation for Awarding Merit Scholarships to Students in Higher Education, the amendment to the Regulation for Awarding Merit Scholarships to Students in Higher Education and the Regulation for Awarding Merit Scholarships at University of Minho.

Excellence Scholarships
The Excellence Scholarship prize is annually granted by the University of Minho (UMinho) to students of undergraduate and integrated master’s degrees, enrolled full-time and with regular enrollment at the UMinho, who demonstrate exceptional academic achievement in the academic year of entry, after completing a curricular year or upon completion of the degree, without having ever failed or left curricular units in arrears, and who present, respectively, the highest application grade for the course, the best performance in the previous curricular year or the highest classification final course, as long as it is equal to or greater than 17.00 points.
The scholarships have a monetary value equal to the annually defined tuition fee set for national students in the academic year in which they are granted .

Almedina Prize
Within the existing Protocol between the Almedina Bookshop and the University of Minho, the former annually grants 11 prizes to students most in need of the Univeristy of Minho with a view to promoting academic merit. The prizes are granted as scholarships in the form of an Almedina Gift Voucher, which is valid for one academic year. Each voucher has a value of 455 euros in books, and is accompanied by a book published by the Almedina Bookshop relevant to each awarded student’s field. 

For more information see the Regulation of the Almedina Prize.