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Portal Académico

Academic Portal

The Alumni Office keeps former students and the University in touch.
After leaving university, students are invited to return and (re)experience its vibrant pulse.
With the enhancement of its graduates in mind, UMinho offers its alumni both information and a variety of services, some of which you can discover through this site.
Upon graduation, students are able to access the Portal Alumni using their current login and password, thus continuing to be part of the UMinho Community.
Through the Alumni Office UMinho will: closely follow the professional careers of graduates, in order to optimize the relationship between academic qualifications and the labor market; promote the employability of UMinho graduates by bringing employers into closer contact with recent graduates; foster a sense of identifying with and belonging to the University community, through the involvement of the alumni,

More than a mark in the past of the University of Minho, we wish our students to help in the construction of the University´s future.


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