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Master Degrees
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 Master Degrees

​​​​For information on Master Degrees (or Specialization) please visit the websites of the Institutes and Schools​ ​from University of Minho.

Application for the Academic Year 2020/2021

Online application in this Portal
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National applicants or equivalent;
International applicants (applicants who, cumulatively, do not have Portuguese citizenship, are not citizens of a Member State of the European Union, are not family members of Portuguese citizens or citizens of a Member State of the European Union, have not been legally living uninterruptedly in Portugal for more than two years on 1 January of the application year, are not beneficiaries, on 1 January of the application year, of the equal rights and duties status granted under an international treaty, do not require entry in higher education through the special regimes for access and enrolment, are not attending the University of Minho under an international mobility program).
The vacancies for each contingent may be consulted on the websites of the ​Institutes and Schools​.

Calendar (possible periods)
​Master Degrees

Starting 1st semester
​24 Feb. to 06 Mar. 2020
​13 to 24 Apr. 2020
​01 to 12 Jun. 2020
​​10 to 30 Jul. 2020
​​01 to 24 Sep. 2020
​12 to 15 Oct. 2020​
​​Starting 2nd semester
​10 to 30 Jul. 2020
​07 to 18 Dec. 2020

The specific calendar for each course may be consulted the websites of the ​Institutes and Schools​.

Application fee: €40
Payment through ATM (payment services), MB WAY service or Credit Card

Tuition fees
National students or equivalent: between €1.250 and €4.000, depending on the respective School/Institute, except in cases where the master's course, combined with the degree course, is essential for access to the exercise of a professional activity. In such cases, the tuition fee will be equivalent to the maximum amount to be defined by the Government.
International students: between €1.000 and € 6.500, depending on the respective School/Institute.
The concrete value imputed to each course can be found here.

Edicts disclosure

Institute of Arts and Human Sciences
Institute of Biomaterials, Biodegradables and Biomimetics
Institute of Education
Institute of Social Sciences
School of Architecture
School of Economics and Management
School of Engineering
School of Law
School of Medicine
School of Nursing