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Portal Académico

Academic Portal

New Admissions

 New Admissions in Master Degrees

Academic Year 2020/2021

Registration and enrolment period​ 
Starting 1st semester
​01 a 07 Apr. 2020
​22 a 27 May 2020
​01 a 07 Jul. 2020
​12 a 18 Aug. 2020
​06 a 08 Oct. 2020
​22 a 23 Oct. 2020
​​Starting 2nd semester
​12 a 18 Aug. 2020
​25 a 29 Jan. 2021

Registration and enrolment location
Academic Portal
The day before the beginning of the period for registration and enrolment, an  e-mail message will be sent to the admitted applicants (to the e-mail address provided in the application process) with the login to access the Academic Portal. 

Necessary documents
Civil and tax identification document
Personal health booklet, with proof of valid anti-tetanus vaccine

Registration and enrolment fees
Registration and enrolment fees: 126 euros
Students' Union fee (optional): 12 euros
Payment through ATM (payment services), MB WAY service or Credit Card

Additional information
Students who were previously enroled in a master degree, and therefore already have a login and password to access the Academic Portal, should use their current password to perform their registration and enrolment in the degree in which they were admitted.