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Enrolment Renewals

 Enrolment Renewals (students enroled in the same degree in the previous academic year)

Academic Year 2020/2021​

Enrolment period
25 September (after 14.00) to 02 October

Enrolment location 
Academic Po​rtal

Necessary documents
Civil and tax identification document if termination date has been exceeded
Personal health booklet if the expiry date of the anti-tetanus vaccine has been exceeded
In these circumstances, all documents should be submitted via Electronic Desk of the Academic Portal in Request > New Request  > Change Personal Data.

Enrolment fees
Enrolment fee: 26 euros
Students' Union fee (optional): 12 euros
Payment through ATM (payment services), MB WAY service or Credit Card

Additional Information
The enrolment application submitted in the Academic Portal may contain some of the following situations: 
- Missing grades of the course units that were successfully completed (missing grade registers); 
- Missing course units (due to the restructuring of degrees); 
- No record of equivalences or accredited course units: course units appear as not completed; 
- Course units completed under exchange programmes appear as not completed. 

As the Academic Services regularly update/correct the applications in the Academic Portal, communications of the anomalies in the application process should only be submitted after 31 October. Until that date, students should regularly check the Academic Portal to monitor any changes to their application. 

The anomalies that persist after the aforementioned date must be submitted through Electronic Desk of the Academic Portal in Requests > New Request > Other Requests > Generic Request > Type Enrolment Anomalies.

It is mandatory to consult the enrollment in the Academic Portal after 2 working days from the close of the enrollment period in order to validate the enrollment in the academic year and in the UMinho Option. If the enrollment in the UMinho Option has been canceled, students must choose a new UC with a vacancy available, within 5 working days, accessing again at the Registrations module in the Academic Portal, and choosing another option with vacancies available for registration.

The renewal of the enrollment to finish the dissertation of the students who were registered in this course unit in the previous academic year will be held at the Academic Portal during the month of November.