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PhD Degrees
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 PhD Degrees

For information on PhD Degrees please visit the websites of the ​Institutes and Schools​ ​from University of Minho.

Application for the Academic Year 2019/2020

Doctoral programmes in the tutorial regime: under the terms and deadlines published in the websites of the Institutes and Schools
Doctoral programmes: online application in this Portal
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General calendar (doctoral programmes)

Schools/Institutes​​​1st Round
2nd Round
​3rd Round
Institute of Arts and Human Sciences
1 to 12 May
3 to 14 June
8 to 16 July
Institute of Biomaterials, Biodegradables and Biomimetics
26 to 30 August
Institute of Education
​15 to 30 April
1 to 8 July
​​Institute of Social Sciences
until 12 April
until 7 June
until 6 September
​​School of Architecture
7​​​​ to 22 October
​​​School of Economics and Managementuntil 28 February
until 31 May
until 5 July
School of Engineering2 to 13 January
23 to 30 August
2 to 10 January 2020
School of Law13 May to 10 June
19 to 30 August
School of Medicine
permanently (website of the School)
​​School of Psychology1 April to 3 May (BPsic)
1 July to 20 September (ApPsic)
24 June to 5 July (BPsic)
11 to 22 November (ApPsic)
5 to 11 September (BPsic)
2 to 9 January 2020 (ApPsic)
​School of Sciences
27 May to 30 August
2 December to 24 January
9 to 12 March 2020

Entrance/course calendar and edicts disclosure

Institute of Arts and Human Sciences
Institute of Biomaterials, Biodegradables and Biomimetics
Institute of Education
Institute of Social Sciences
School of Architecture
School of Economics and Management
School of Engineering
School of Law
School of Medicine
School of Nursing
School of Psychology
School of Sciences