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Academic Portal

New Admissions

 New Admissions in Master Degrees

Academic Year 2016/2017​

Registration and enrolment period

1st Phase: 21 to 28 July
2nd Phase: 22 to 30 September
3rd Phase: 12 to 14 October

Registration and enrolment location
Students Portal (

The day before the beginning of the period for registration and enrolment, an SMS will be sent to the admitted applicants (to the phone number provided in the application process) with the login and password to access the Academic Portal. Applicants who do not receive this SMS should contact the Academic Services on

Necessary documents
Civil and tax identification document
Personal health booklet, with proof of valid anti-tetanus vaccine

Registration and enrolment fees
Registration and enrolment fees: 126 euros
Students' Union fee (optional): 12 euros

Additional information
Enrolment of applicants with admission dependent on the delivery of documents at a later date than the one established for registration and enrolment, according to the degree placement notice, will be considered null if these are not delivered within the indicated deadline. In these cases, the admitted applicants will lose the vacancy.
Students who were previously enroled in a master degree, and therefore already have a login and password to access the Academic Portal, should use their current password to perform their registration and enrolment in the degree in which they were admitted.