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Enrolment Renewal and Re-Enrolment
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 Enrolment Renewal and Re-Enrolment in Master Degrees

Academic Year 2019/2020​

Enrolment period

Courses starting in the 1st semester of the academic year: 2 September (after 14.00) to 6 September 2019
Courses starting in the 2nd semester of the academic year: 17 to 21 February 2020

Enrolment location
Academic Portal

Necessary documents
Civil and tax identification document if termination date has been exceeded
Personal health booklet if the expiry date of the anti-tetanus vaccine has been exceeded

In these circumstances, all documents should be submitted via Electronic Desk of the Academic Portal in Request > New Request  > Change Personal Data.

Enrolment fees
Enrolment fee: 26 euros
Registration fee (if applicable): 100 euros
Students' Union fee (optional): 12 euros

Additional information
The completion of the re-enrolment process through the Academic Portal is only possible for students who were enrolled in previous academic year:
-    In the 1st year and aiming to complete the curricular component;
-    In the 2nd year (for the first time) and aiming to re-enrol to finish their thesis.

The enrolment application submitted in the Academic Portal may contain some of the anomalies below, resulting from the restructuring of degrees and syllabus and/or missing grade registers or equivalence processes:
-    Missing grades (course units completed or registered through equivalence, appearing as not completed);
-    Request for enrolment only available for the 1st year of the degree, when student has already completed the curricular component;
-    Enrolment in the 2nd year of the degree, when student intends to attend the 2nd part of the part-time regime of the 1st year.

As the Academic Services regularly update/correct the applications in the Academic Portal, communications of the anomalies in the application process should only be submitted after 31 October (for courses initiated in the 1st semester) or March 31 (for courses initiated in the 2nd semester). Until that date, students should regularly check the Academic Portal to monitor any changes to their application.

For this purpose, students should use the Electronic Desk of the Academic Portal in Requests > New Request > Other Requests > Generic Request > Type Enrolment Anomalies.

The following situations are excluded from the online enrolment process:
-    Re-enrolment after having interrupted the degree (1st or 2nd year) – this request must be submitted within 30 days (continuous) of the beginning of the respective academic year (except professional master degrees);
-    Re-enrolment without any interruption in the 2nd year (if not the first time) – this request must be submitted during the month following the deadline for the submission of the dissertation.

In these situations, re-enrolment should be requested in the Academic Services, preferably through Electronic Desk of the Academic Portal in Requests > New Request > Other Requests > Generic Request > Type Re-Enrolment.

After notification of the decision, enrolment will be performed on-site in the Academic Services.