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Mature Students (23+)
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 Mature Students (23+)

There is a Special Contest for Applicants Holding Exams Over 23 Years of age to apply for registration and enrollment in undergraduate and integrated master's study cycles.

This special competition covers students who, cumulatively:
- Are over 23 years old, completed by December 31 of the year preceding the exams;
- Do not have access qualifications to higher education;
- Are holders of specially adequate examinations to assess the ability for their higher education attendance, carried out in Higher Education Institutions;
- Satisfy the prerequisites, when required by the intended institution/course pair;
- Are not covered by the international student statute, under the terms of the applicable law.

At UMinho there is also a Preparation Course for Applicants Over 23 Years of age, whose successful attendance exempts the student from taking the exams required by this competition.

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