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 Portuguese Language Course

The University of Minho (UMinho) organizes in each academic year a Portuguese Language Course at the beginning of each semester (as long as you stay for at least one semester as an exchange student). 

This course aims to provide a basic knowledge of Portuguese in order to make things easier for your studies and in your daily life in Portugal. 



This is a 60-hour course. It starts at the end of September/beginning of October (for those students arriving in the 1st semester) and at the end of February/beginning of March (for those arriving in the 2nd semester). 

Each course has a workload of 6 hours per week.



You will need to pay a fee of €100, which includes the certificate issued at the end of the Course. 



All accepted mobility students at University of Minho will receive, by email, specific information about the enrolment process to attend the Portuguese Language Course (PLE). These students will also receive information on how and when to take a level test to ascertain the knowledge of Portuguese.

Attendance of the Portuguese Language Course is free and relies on the interest of each person. After you show interest in attending, you must then not only confirm your intention to participate in the course but also to pay the required fee. All practical relevant information will be provided by the beginning of each semester.