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Peer Tutoring Project
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 Peer Tutoring Project

The Peer Tutoring Project provides support to new students arriving at Universidade do Minho (UMinho) on relevant issues, such as: the University’s structural and functional aspects; the development of cooperation relationships between colleagues; the improvement of academic, social, personal and professional skills that aim for an education based on quality and professional success. 

The peer tutoring system provides students with a personalized support carried out by other students (tutors) from the UMinho.

Any student from UMinho is welcome to join the Peer Tutoring Project team either as a tutor or as a tutee. For Tutors, the only pre requisite is to be enrolled in the second year (minimum) of any degree course. The candidates will need to follow a pre-established selection procedure. Any UMinho first year student can sign up for Peer Tutoring.

This project aims for the promotion of a proactive integration of all students in the University context, being this activity part of UMinho’s Diploma Supplement.

In order to apply for the project or to have more information, please contact the Project through the email: ​