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Erasmus+ Traineeship
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 Erasmus+ Traineeships

Who can apply?
To which countries can I go and which institutions can I choose?
How can I find a traineeship?  TRAINEESHIP OPPORTUNITIES HERE
How long can the placement last for?
How will my traineeship be academically recognised abroad?
How are non-academically recognised traineeships certified?
To take part in this programme, do I have to be enrolled at the University of Minh​o?
Where and when can I apply?
Which are the application documents?
How is the work programme to be performed in the defined host organisation?
Should I study a foreign language before going abroad? ​
Will I have any language support during the mobility programme?
Where am I assessed?
Where will I live and who takes care of accommodation?
Who will take care of my trip?
Are there any compulsory procedures before going abroad?
What should I do if I am ill abroad?
What about scholarships?
How much are the “Erasmus+ Mobility Scholarships”?
Can I receive an “Erasmus+ Mobility Scholarship” if I am already the beneficiary of another scholarship?
What if I am not eligible for an “Erasmus+ Mobility Scholarship”? Do I have to give up?
As a social services scholarship beneficiary, am I entitled to additional financial support?
Is there any additional financial support for students with financial difficulties and for disabled students?
If I do not like it there, can I return? What are the consequences?
I was already an Erasmus+ Exchange Student. Can I apply again?
Is this activity recognised in the Diploma Supplement?