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Monday, April 11, 2022
Humanitarian emergencies arising from the military conflict in Ukraine
Access/Admission to Portuguese Higher Education
As a result of the recent armed conflicts experienced in Ukraine, temporary protection has been granted to displaced persons from that country.

Temporary protection is granted to:
a. Nationals of Ukraine and foreign nationals of other nationalities or stateless persons who are beneficiaries of international protection in Ukraine, coming from that country and unable to return there as a result of the war situation there;
b. Foreign nationals of other nationalities or stateless persons who are in the circumstances of the previous sub-paragraph and who can prove that they are family members, namely relatives, relations, spouses or unmarried partners of the citizens mentioned in the previous sub-paragraph, or who can prove that they are permanent residents in Ukraine, or have a temporary residence permit, or are in possession of a long term visa aimed at obtaining this type of permit and whose safe and lasting return to their country of origin is not possible.

The decision on applications for temporary protection is taken by the Foreigners and Borders Service.

All citizens who are granted temporary protection may apply for emergency student status for humanitarian reasons.

As a result, those interested in applying to the University of Minho for registration and enrolment in a course similar to the higher education course they were currently attending must formalize the request with the Academic Management Services, through the email address, in a specific form (available here), annexing, for the purpose, document proving the granting of temporary protection issued by Portuguese Immigration and Borders Service (not the proof of application but only the proof of granting), as well as documentation relating to your qualifications. If the qualifications cannot be documented, the interested parties must indicate this in the aforementioned form.

For more information, it is recommended to consult the website of the Directorate General for Higher Education and the Portuguese Immigration and Borders Service.