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 Electronic Services

Academic Portal

This portal provides students with diversified information and services, namely:
- Electronic Desk, through which the students can: 
   > Register and enroll in academic year and in exams (special examination period and grade improvement); 
   > Submit and monitor requests (e.g. change personal information, issue certificates and declarations, payment of Students’ Union membership fee, obtain working student status, cancel enrolment, information and other requests); 
   > Insert activities eligible for the Certificate Supplement; 
   > Request and pay for access to parking spaces; 
   > Access to the electronic board. 
- Access to personal (personal and contact details) and academic information (e.g. study plans, grade registers, documents and payments);
- Information on deadlines, procedures and other matters of interest; 
- Forms; 
- Academic calendar and examination period; 
- School schedules.

For more information visit the website or contact the Academic Services via the following emails:


The University of Minho offers its students an email service as a means of communication and distribution of information within the academic community. Students will have an inbox with anti-spam/ anti-virus protection with 50GB of storage, integrated in Office 365. Under an agreement between UMinho and Microsoft, the students enrolled can download, free of charge, the latest versions of Office by accessing the institutional inbox. The identification for the email service is the same as the one used to access the Academic Portal.

For more information contact Information Systems and Technologies via the following email:


The University of Minho offers its academic community a web platform for the management and distribution of information and teaching resources. This tool complements the teaching and learning process developed in the classroom by allowing students access to materials provided by teachers wherever and whenever they want, using just a single login. To access the Blackboard from mobile devices, students should download the following application through the app store of their device (Android, Apple, Blackberry, HP OSweb): Blackboard Learn.

For more information visit the website or contact the Teaching Support Office via the following email: 

Distance Courses

The online courses provide resources and learning modules sequences, which are led by teachers specialized in their respective fields, who also organize courses evaluation and the certification of distance learning students. 
The courses can be geared towards a specific area of knowledge or present a transversal and inclusive nature that encompasses several scientific fields. 
The courses’ attendance and completion may allow students to obtain training accreditation if they enroll in study cycles offered by UMinho. 

For more information visit the website or contact the Teaching Support Office via the following email:

Communication Services

Wi-Fi Network eduroam

The University of Minho offers its academic community the wireless communication infrastructure eduroam, consisting of different hotspots installed in several areas: in the Campuses of Gualtar and Azurém, Largo do Paço, University Residences, etc. The equipment can be set up by the user himself/herself with the help of existing documentation on the website of Communication Services (SCOM), or on site by SCOM within their opening hours

Remote Access (VPN e WebVPN)

The remote access VPN service provided by SCOM is designed to allow the members of the academic community to a secure access to UMinho-Net (communications network of UMinho) from outside the University. This service provides access to electronic services as if users were physically on campus.

For more information visit the website or contact the Communication Services via the following email: 

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