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Mobility Programmes
International Mobility for UMinho Students
This section covers the international academic mobility programmes currently in the University of Minho. It addresses the most frequent questions and attempts to answer them. 

What does "International Mobility" mean? 
"International Mobility" means that you can do a part of your courses and/or an traineeship in another university/company, through European Union Programmes such as the Erasmus+ Programme, among others.

​The University of Minho hopes you can benefit from this unique opportunity, which will surely represent added value not only on an academic and scientific level, but also on a personal level. We will be here to help you when you need it.​

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  O período de pré-candidatura a mobilidade de estudos a realizar em 2022/23 está aberto!   

  O que fazer?  

1) LER o "Guião e Orientações"

2) Consultar a informação acerca dos "Programas de Mobilidade[ver 'Estudos Erasmus+' e 'Cooperação com Países Terceiros']

3) Preencher o formulário em: Portal Académico > Secretaria Eletrónica > Candidaturas a Mobilidade


  The pre-application period to perform a mobility for studies in 2022/23 is now open!  

  What should I do?  

1) READ the "Guide and Guidelines"

2) Check the information about the "Mobility Programmes[check 'Erasmus+ Studies' and 'Cooperation Protocols']

3) Fill out the form in: Portal Académico > Secretaria Eletrónica > Candidaturas a Mobilidade


Seta-Curva-PNG-1024x745.pngThe pre-application period for national and international study mobility to be carried out in 2022/23, within the scope of the Erasmus+ Programme, Cooperation Protocols with Third Countries and the Almeida Garrett Programme is now open! 

- MANDATORY READING before submitting the pre-application: Guide and Guidelines for the Pre-Application 2022/2023
- Pre-Application form online at: Portal Académico > Secretaria Eletrónica > Candidaturas a Mobilidade  (
- The pre-application deadline will be January 31, 2022.

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