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Erasmus+ Study Period
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 Important Information:

- MANDATORY READING before submitting the pre-application: Guide and Guidelines for the Pre-Application 2024/2025
- Pre-Application form online at: Portal Académico > Secretaria Eletrónica > Candidaturas a Mobilidade  (
- The pre-application deadline will be January 31, 2024.

 Erasmus+ Studies

Who can apply?​
Where can I apply?
What documents do I need to present at the pre-application stage?
What are the selection and ranking criteria?
To which countries/universities c​an I go?
What are the application deadlines?
​When and how will I know the pre-application results? And after this phase  what should I do? [Erasmus+, other frameworks and Open ARQUS Mobility Agreement (OAM)]
How long does the exchange programme last for?
Do I have to pay tuition fees in the host university?
If I take part in this exchange programme, do I have to enroll at University of Minho?
Who chooses the courses I am going to take in the host university?
What if I have to change my study plan after the mobility starts?
Where am I assessed?
Does the period of studies abroad replace the equivalent period in The University of Minho?
How are the grades I receive at The University of Minho decided?
What are ECTS?
In the Erasmus+ Programme, can I take a study plan under or over 30 ETCS during one semester or of 60 during one academic year?
Can I complete course units from previous semesters during my mobility period?
Should I study a foreign language before going abroad? Will I have to present a certificate attesting my language skills?
Will I have any language support during the mobility programme?
What happens if I fail my courses at the host university?
Where will I live and who takes care of accommodation?
Who will take care of my trip? Do I need a VISA?
Is there any compulsory procedure before going abroad?
What should I do if I am ill abroad?
What about scholarships?
What are the scholarship application criteria?
Can I receive an Erasmus+ Scholarship if I am already the beneficiary of another scholarship?
What are the amounts of an Erasmus+ Mobility Scholarship?
What if I am not eligible for an Erasmus+ Mobility Scholarship? Do I have to give up?
I have a grant from the Social Services, am I entitled to additional financial support?
Is there any additional financial support for students with disabled students?
Is there any additional support for green travel?
If I do not like it there, can I return? What are the consequences?
Is this activity recognised in the Diploma Supplement?
I have already taken part in an Erasmus+ Study Period. Can I apply again? 
I would like to participate in a mobility programme in the first year of my Master or PhD. Can I apply before I am accepted?