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Cooperation Protocols
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 Cooperation Protocols

Cooperation with third-countries 
You can also take part in an exchange programme abroad under the Cooperation Protocols with third-country universities, safeguarding the students' mobility in generic terms. It is important to point out that each case is studied on a case-by-case basis and that it will always be subjected to acceptance from the host university.
What are Third-Countries?
Third-countries are all non eligible countries within the scope of the Erasmus+ Programme.
Do I need a visa? Who will take care of that?
Yes. The visa is taken care of in cooperation with the International Relations Office during your application. It is noteworthy that, to obtain the visa, there will be associated costs, depending on the country of destination.
What about scholarships?
Unfortunately, these Cooperation Protocols do not include any financial support for students taking part in the exchange programmes. 
There may be other cooperation projects and initiatives which offer the possibility of financial support to students in specific fields of study. If there are scholarships available, the International Relations Office will make the information public. 
I was already an exchange student. Can I apply again?
You can apply for a maximum period of 1 year and a half abroad, as long as you can fit into the framework of the different exchange programmes (Erasmus+ Programme, Almeida Garrett Programme, Cooperation Protocols with Brazil, China, etc.). You cannot do an exchange programme for more than one academic year in the same institution. 
Your options will always be subjected to approval by the Academic Coordinator in your field of studies. 

All other aspects pertaining to the application process, tuition fees, enrolment in UMinho, choice of courses, academic recognition, Diploma Supplement, assessment, accommodation, trip, application deadline, comply as much as possible with the general regulations of the Erasmus+ Programme. Therefore, please read the information available in the "Erasmus+ Study Period" page.