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Application Procedures
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 Application Procedures

​​​​​International students wishing to participate in a period of exchange/mobility at t​he University of Minho should fill in the Exchange Student Application Form​ and hand it in to the International Office of their home institution. This office will be responsible for forwarding this form as well as all the other mandatory application documents to the International Relations Office (SRI) of UMinho, before the 15th of May (for students applying for the first semester and the whole year) or the 15th of October​ (for students applying for the second semester). 

Applications should be sent by the partner Institution via email to​. Applications on paper will not be accepted. ​​
Application documents: 

​Applications will be assessed by the International Relations Services (SRI) and by the responsible Academic Coordinator. Students should wait for official acceptance by the University of Minho, which will be sent by email to their home institution. 

Upon arrival, students should contact the SRI and their local coordinator in order to validate their final study programme. After that, students should fill in the registration form at the SRI to be enroled and to obtain a student identification card. 
​Students will have only access to the University's services, namely the library and computer rooms after enrolment. 

Required documentation for enrolment: 
  • ID card / passport; 
  • European Health Insurance Card/ PB-4 form or Private Insurance; 
  • 1 Original Photograph; 
  • Student Visa (when applicable).​