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The academic calendar is set annually by a Rectoral dispatch, and establishes, for each academic year, the time periods corresponding to activities related to the development of the study cycles.
Each Institute/School defines the academic calendar for their study cycles, including the exams calendar in compliance with the deadlines set in the academic calendar.

Academic Calendars

Exams Calendars

School of Architecture (BVArtsBPDesignIMArchMProdDesignServ)
School of Economics and Management (Bachelor Degrees | Master Degrees)
School of Engineering (Bachelor and Integrated Master Degrees)
School of Nursing (Bachelor Degree)
School of Psychology (Bachelor Degree | Master Degrees)
School of Sciences (Bachelor Degrees)
Institute of Arts and Human Science (Bachelor Degrees)
Institute of Education (Bachelor Degrees)
Institute of Social Sciences (Bachelor Degrees)
UMinho Electives​ - 1st semester, 27 January 2023 (18.00-20.00) | 2nd semester, 09 June 2023 (18.00-20.00) | Special Examination, 10 July 2023 (18.00-20.00)