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Access and Enrolment of the International Student
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 Access and Enrolment of the International Student

This special admission for access to higher education covers students who do not have Portuguese citizenship, except in situations prescribed under the law. Cumulatively, these students must hold a qualification providing access to higher education or a Portuguese secondary education diploma or a legally equivalent qualification. 

The application through this competition takes place once a year, in accordance with the Regulation currently in force, and with the therein established deadlines.

Application for the Academic Year 2020/2021

Entrance examinations, vacancies and calendar (republished by Order RT-14/2020)   

Online application in this Portal
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Application fee: €65
Payment through ATM (payment services), MB WAY service or Credit Card

1st Round
Application available between January 8 and February 14, intended for applicants falling within the scope of article 6, paragraphs 3, 4, 5 and 6 of the Regulation.

2nd Round
Application available between April 1 and April 24
Information: in line with the Rectoral Decree RT 25/2020, which establishes exceptional measures following the state of emergency resulting from the pandemic situation COVID-19, the exams for the Application Process of International Students to undergraduate and integrated master's degrees from UMinho, for the academic year of 2020/21, are postponed. The new dates of the the exams will be announced in due course.

3rd Round
Application available between June 8 and July 10
Entrance Exams Calendar

Registration and Enrolment

Tuition fees
Between €2.000 and €6.500, depending on the respective School/Institute.
The concrete value imputed to each course can be found here.