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Tuition Fees

 Frequently Asked Questions about Tuition Fees

What is the amount of tuition fees?
I would like to pay the tuition fees but the instalments have not been released in the Academic Portal. What should I do?
How can I pay the tuition fees?
Yesterday, I paid one tuition fee instalment. How can I obtain the payment receipt?
I have already payed the tuition fee but the receipt is not on the e-Fatura page of the Autoridade Tributária (Portuguese Tax Authority). How will these expenses be reported to the Autoridade Tributária?
I lost the ATM references for tuition fee payment. Do I have to generate new ATM references?
If I pay the full tuition fee in advance, do I have a discount?
I hold a scholarship granted by the Social Action Services. Are tuition fees directly deducted from my scholarship?
How do I pay the tuition fee instalments that are in arrears? Do I have to generate the ATM references again?
If I fail to pay the tuition fee instalments within the established deadlines, what kind of penalties may I suffer?
I have not paid the tuition fee instalments within the established deadlines. How do I pay the default interest charges?
I have a pending request for accreditation/enrolment in a part-time regime. Should I wait for the response to the request before paying the tuition fees?
Under what conditions can I benefit from a reduction in tuition fees?
I am an undergraduate student and I am currently enrolled in 30 ECTS, in the part-time regime. How is the tuition fee calculated?
I paid the first tuition fee instalment in another public higher education institution. How should I proceed?
My employer wishes to pay my tuition fees. Can I issue payment receipts on behalf of my employer?
I want the invoice for the tuition fees to be issued on behalf of an external entity that is financing my studies. How should I proceed?
I have a scholarship contract and it will be a funding entity that will pay for my tuition fee (FCT, NORTE 2020, Marie Curie, among others) and I have an irregular fee situation, how should I proceed?
I am an integrated master's student and in this academic year I have only enrolled in the course unit "Dissertation" in order to complete my thesis. Do I have to pay the full value of the tuition fee?
I paid the tuition fees last week but the information on the Academic Portal still shows that the payment is due. How should I proceed?
I signed up at the beginning of the academic year and stopped attending. Do I have to pay tuition fees?
Is there any possibility of being exempt from paying tuition fees in a situation of illness?
I have renegotiated the tuition fee debt, but I cannot request my course completion certificate. How to proceed?
I have tuition debts from academic years prior to 2021/2022 in force. How should I proceed?
I was notified by UMinho regarding a debt of tuition fees and I would like clarification. How should I proceed?
How to apply for a fee non-debt certificate (including for SEF)?